January 20, 2018


Signature Stables attends many horse shows throughout the year. We regularly compete at the Plantation Acres Equestrian Center, Sunshine Meadows, and other schooling shows in and around the state. Occasionally we will attend United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) rated shows for advanced students who are interested in furthering their show careers..
We encourage riders to participate at the level they feel comfortable and/or prepared for. Signature Stables school horses can easily handle the small divisions at many of the local and schooling horse shows, however once a rider is ready to compete beyond the beginner ring horse ownership/leasing is recommended and often necessary. We are happy to provide services to help riders acquire an appropriate mount that suits the riders ability, goals, and budget.
A yearly show schedule will be provided and will outline a list of potential horse shows that we will be attending. In order to travel to a show, we need to have a minimum of three horses planning to attend - this helps share costs between multiple riders and ensure that we have a good support group at each show.